Oh Yong Hwee (ohyeah@singnet.com.sg)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 00:46:28 +0800

Hi all,
I installed RedHat 5.2 and started X. The window manager was fvwm-95
like. I then switched to AfterStep and stayed with it as it was more
cool. But here are some problems:

Q1 : I realized that there are some files missing from my
$HOME/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/ directory, as i found out from the
below site
    I only have the start and non-configurable directory and the file
.workspace_state. Any one know how i can get the rest of the files?
Q2 : The .workspace_state records my last state, which has Netscape
opened. When i restart AfterStep, it opens Netscape with a size of 1x1.
Is there anyway of keeping it maximised?
Q3 : The .workspace_state also interfers with my .xinitrc which tries to
open Netscape and Applix first before exec afterstep. If i did not close
both apps before existing, the next session will open two Netscape.

Hope this isn't too much for one message. Thanks
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