So Close
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 08:39:46 +0000

Hi there,
After all your tremendous help in getting the Permissions denied error
sorted out for me (thanks to all who responded), I've been running with
AfterStep relatively trouble free.
However, due to a sudden and uncontrollable rush of blood to the head , I
decided to install vers 2.2.0 of the Linux kernel. It installed and even
works. BUT, when I run AfterStep I can't bring up any Xterms. AfterStep
just does nothing. Using CTRL ALT BKSP to exit X I can see an error message
"xterm : no available ptys". SOOOOO what's a ptys and how have I managed to
kill them ?

Also, I've been installing software (postilion,netscape 4.5, etc,). I put
the GZ files into /var/tmp and install from there, if I try to delete the
folders I often get a permission denied even if I su to root. Have I missed
something ?

Any help would be appreciated

Mark Byrne