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Thu, 04 Mar 1999 15:27:41 +0000

hey mark,

You must have chosen Y to CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS when configuring your 2.2
the old xterms probably wont work with this new way to do pseudo terminals...

reconfigure with out support for this, and your old xterminals should all


p.s. see literal text taken from /usr/src/linux/Documentation/

Unix98 PTY support
  A pseudo terminal (PTY) is a software device consisting of two
  halves: a master and a slave. The slave device behaves identical to
  a physical terminal; the master device is used by a process to
  read data from and write data to the slave, thereby emulating a
  terminal. Typical programs for the master side are xterm and telnet
  Linux has traditionally used the BSD-like names /dev/ptyxx for
  masters and /dev/ttyxx for slaves of pseudo terminals. This scheme
  has a number of problems. The GNU C library glibc 2.1 and later,
  however, supports the Unix98 naming standard: in order to acquire a
  pseudo terminal, a process opens /dev/ptmx; the number of the pseudo
  terminal is then made available to the process and the pseudo
  terminal slave can be accessed as /dev/pts/<number>. What was
  traditionally /dev/ttyp2 will then be /dev/pts/2, for example.

  The entries in /dev/pts/ are created on the fly by a virtual
  filesystem; therefore, if you say Y here you should say Y to
  "/dev/pts filesystem for Unix98 PTYs" as well.

  You should say Y here only if your C library is glibc 2.1 or later
  (equal to libc-6.1, check with "ls -l /lib/*"). Read the
  instructions in Documentation/Changes. wrote:
> Hi there,
> After all your tremendous help in getting the Permissions denied error
> sorted out for me (thanks to all who responded), I've been running with
> AfterStep relatively trouble free.
> However, due to a sudden and uncontrollable rush of blood to the head , I
> decided to install vers 2.2.0 of the Linux kernel. It installed and even
> works. BUT, when I run AfterStep I can't bring up any Xterms. AfterStep
> just does nothing. Using CTRL ALT BKSP to exit X I can see an error message
> "xterm : no available ptys". SOOOOO what's a ptys and how have I managed to
> kill them ?
> Also, I've been installing software (postilion,netscape 4.5, etc,). I put
> the GZ files into /var/tmp and install from there, if I try to delete the
> folders I often get a permission denied even if I su to root. Have I missed
> something ?
> Any help would be appreciated
> Mark Byrne
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