Re: libXpm for solaris

Sean Payne (
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 09:27:10 -0800

Very good Sun/Solaris archives can be found at "The Depot Archive".
lists Xpm. I can't remember if I got the Xpm libraries directly or if I
extracted them from the X11R6 tar file.

Another problem you may run into is that the afterstep binary has
dependencies on specific versions of shared libraries.  I hacked around
this by putting softlinks between the one it was looking for 4.11 and the
one I had 4.4.

Ideally it would be nice to have the shared libraries nicely version
controlled and packaged with the afterstep binary.  (that
or staticly linked in).  This would be better for both installing and


"Armando L. Caro Jr." wrote:

> I am trying to get afterstep running at work (sparc solaris 2.6), but I
> need to install libXpm.  Anyone know where I can get it?
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