RE: Where'd it all go?

Bruce Richardson (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 16:48:38 -0000

David Mihm wrote:
>This no longer happens in the
>development version due to a new mechanism called an '.include' file which
>can be put in a start/ directory and then list other directories to
>include in the menu at that given point.  So, if you are using the stable
>version; all of you start menu (which includes the backgrounds & looks &
>feels directories) must be in the ~/G/L/A/ tree.

Alternatively, recompile AfterStep using the --enable-fixeditems option. 
 Then move the Desktop menu (and anything else you want _never_ to lose and 
to be available to all users) from /usr/local/share/afterstep/start to 

I did this with 1.6.10-1 and it made me very happy.

If you prefer using rpms to tarballs, get the source rpm, install it, edit 
AfterStep.spec as follows


./configure --prefix=%{prefix}


./configure --prefix=%{prefix} --enabled-fixeditems

	and remove the line beginning 'Epoch:' (why is this in there?).

You can then build the Afterstep rpm ('rpm -ba' or 'rpm -bb') and install