RE: Thanks and more SCR

Dave LaMothe (
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 13:45:53 -0500 (EST)

On 01-Mar-99 Josh Glover wrote:
> Thanks for all the help!  I finally resolved my mouse scrolling!
> Someone advised me to check out the xscreensavers man page.  I tried
> "man xscreensaver" but came up with no hits.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> -Josh

It's not part of the RH 5.2 dist. (I believe that's what you said you have) You
can certainly find the rpm in the contrib directory of any RedHat mirror. With
rpms make sure you get the one for the version you have (ie 5.2 or whatever).
BTW, installing, verifying, and testing rpms is better done from the command
line: Glint really sucks and many options are not available. To see what rpms
are installed, just do "rpm -qa | less". Space bar pages forward, "B" key
backward. Also, when you finally compile a program from source, you may
experience a degree of elation that is addicting. There are many assumptions
about your system that are built into rpms that can cause failed dependancies,
path funkyness etc, and that one killer app that you want (eg AS 1.7.49) just
may not  be available as an rpm. Personally I find their biggest advantge is the
ease in *un*installing some package. Enough said .... the last rpm discussion
here got a little hot. If anyone dissagrees with this, I immediately surrender.
That said, this is an AS list and all this is a bit off topic.