Re: Installing Afterstep and Themes

Arjuna Shunn (
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 13:02:41 -0800

Doug Alcorn wrote:
> "Michael Martin" <> writes:
> > i get an error message saying it can not find 0_something.8bppbpp
> > It has 2 bpp's.
> This has been fixed a couple of times.  I think this time it will
> actually find its way into a patch that is publicly accessable.  Look
> for it soon.
It just got patched in the devel version.  I am going to patch it (if
it's not done already) in the stable, so that we'll have 1.6.10-2.

Also, are there any wishes for theme.handler so that Doug and I can add
them to it.  I'm looking at doing an script, as
listed in the TODO, and I want to modify the handler slightly to accept
sundry options.  Again, wish list, anyone?

Also, since I'm here, is there anyone who can do pretty web pages who
wants to help me work on  I can't come up with a layout
that everyone likes, so help would be nice.

Thanks in advance folks, and Happy AfterStepping!
Azoth Ltd.

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