Re: Back to AfterStep

Brandon Stewart (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 02:30:06 +0000

Paul Huckaby wrote:
> I strayed from AfterStep to gnome and I'm sorry, I want to come back.
> How do I stop gnome and Enlightenment  from starting up and make
> AfterStep start up? Please help, AfterStep was working great and I got
> sucked into the hype of gnome.
> thanks,
> Paul

Gnome and Afterstep are not opposed. Gnome is for any window manager
that can be compliant--there is supposedly a module to make Afterstep
Gnome-compliant. Gnome has a ways to go, but its getting there.

To get rid of enlightenment, simply edit the .xinitrc file in your home
directory. If you want to run afterstep, simply put one line in the file
that says


and remove everything else in the file. Next time you go into X windows,
you should see afterstep.