Paul Huckaby (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 23:45:47 -0800

I read the FAQ before I posted the first time, but went back and tried
again. I still can't get the startmenu to show anything. Here is what
I've done so far, if someone can tell what I' doing wrong it would be
much appreciated.
>From /usr/share/afterstep

cp -r * /home/jedi/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/

Then I cd /home/jedi

echo "exec afterstep" >.xinitrc
echo "exec afterstep" >.xsessions
chmod 700 .xsessions

Then I startx and there is nothing in the start menu.
I then created a directory "test" inside of ~/G/L/A/start.
restarted AfterStep and still have nothing in the startmenu.
I'm using RH 5.2
AfterStep 1.6.10-1 ( I think that was it)