Simon Drabble (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 23:30:32 -0400 (EDT)

Yes, another aterm problem I'm afraid. I've been fighting with xmodmap
since upgrading X and installing aterm, to try and get the keys mapped to
how I had them when using nxterm.

I want the following mappings, which all work fine in nxterm

Key                Shell Action                'vi' Action
Backspace          delete char to left         delete char to left
                   of cursor, and move         of cursor, and move
                   cursor left                 cursor left
Delete             delete char to left         delete char to right
                   of cursor, and move         of cursor [1]
                   cursor left                 
Page Up            Page up through xterm       Nothing (use ctrl-b)
Page Down          Page down through xterm     Nothing (use ctrl-f)
[1] - or as for backspace

But try as I might, and fight with xmodmap and xkeycaps, I can't get the
behaviour I want. 

Is there something I need to set in aterm? A compile-time option maybe? Or is
this an Xresource thing?

Please someone, help, as I rilly love aterm - transparent is *great* - and it
seems to take less memory than nxterm, but if I can't get the keys mapped
correctly, to the trash it will go.


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