Re: glib-1.2.1 / gtk-1.2.1 lost and confused....

cajun (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 22:13:50 -0700

Ok, thanks Nwanua.  I'll give that a whirl too.  I haven't yet taken a
chance to rm the config.cache and see what happens, but I will.


Nwanua Elumeze wrote:
> The trouble with  "upgrading" gtk versions
> is that you have to first remove (or put in a diff dir.) the older libs and
> includes.
> For example, gtk-config might simply be looking for anything gtk- related,
> and it picks the first thing that comes along (I'm not too sure, but I'm
> beginning to suspect that).
> I'd suggets creatig a temp dir, _moving_ older gtk things
> (from /usr/local/lib,  /usr/local/include) and then running the ./configure
> after you "rm config.cache"
> Nwanua.
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