Re: glib-1.2.1 / gtk-1.2.1 lost and confused....

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Tue, 6 Apr 1999 23:31:08 +0300


When i install a gtk lib, i use a completely new directory, not just
/usr/local, but /usr/local/gtk+ or something similar. Then i add to the
above path, so that make can find the libs, and i make a symbolic
link to gtk-config (which is under /usr/local/gtk+/bin directory) under
/usr/local/bin. That way, removing the libs can't be easier! This can be
done for all libraries.

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> The trouble with  "upgrading" gtk versions
> is that you have to first remove (or put in a diff dir.) the older libs
> includes.
> For example, gtk-config might simply be looking for anything gtk- related,
> and it picks the first thing that comes along (I'm not too sure, but I'm
> beginning to suspect that).
> I'd suggets creatig a temp dir, _moving_ older gtk things
> (from /usr/local/lib,  /usr/local/include) and then running the
> after you "rm config.cache"
> Nwanua.