Re: aterm

Sasha Vasko (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 22:48:26 -0500

Simon Drabble wrote:
> Yes, another aterm problem I'm afraid. I've been fighting with xmodmap
> since upgrading X and installing aterm, to try and get the keys mapped to
> how I had them when using nxterm.
> I want the following mappings, which all work fine in nxterm
> Key                Shell Action                'vi' Action
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Backspace          delete char to left         delete char to left
>                    of cursor, and move         of cursor, and move
>                    cursor left                 cursor left
> Delete             delete char to left         delete char to right
>                    of cursor, and move         of cursor [1]
>                    cursor left
> Page Up            Page up through xterm       Nothing (use ctrl-b)
>                    buffer
> Page Down          Page down through xterm     Nothing (use ctrl-f)
>                    buffer
> [1] - or as for backspace

There are terminfo and xresources  files provided in aterm's
in doc/etc directory
See if you could use those.

Also consult the following page for some help :

> But try as I might, and fight with xmodmap and xkeycaps, I can't get the
> behaviour I want.
> Is there something I need to set in aterm? A compile-time option maybe? Or is
> this an Xresource thing?
> Please someone, help, as I rilly love aterm - transparent is *great* - and it
> seems to take less memory than nxterm, but if I can't get the keys mapped
> correctly, to the trash it will go.
> Simon.