Re: Minor aterm bug

Geoff Wing
9 Apr 1999 13:42:25 GMT

Sasha Vasko <> typed:
:Bruce Richardson wrote:
:> I'm running aterm 0.3.4-1 and I just discovered that when CAPS LOCK is on,
:> pressing shift-Letter gives me a capital letter when it should be a
:> lower-case one.
:Yep - it does that.
:I'm going to update aterm with changes fromrxvt when next stable
:version comes 
:out - if it does not go away then - I'll debug it.

BTW, note this is not an application bug.  It is a ``feature'' of your X
libraries.  xterm will do the same thing.  So will emacs.  So will xev.
XLookupString() handles the Lock modifier (Caps_Lock|Shift_Lock) and
chooses to XConvertCase() in its own manner.

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