Re: Aterm catching console messages

Coplan (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 11:19:44 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Armando L. Caro Jr. wrote:

> I like to log into the same settings everytime, hence I don't use
> the .workspace feature which starts up whatever I left open when I
> logged out.  In my autoexec, I replaced calling .workspace with
> .workspace.PERMANENT.  In this file I replaced the xconsole with aterm
> -C, but when I log in... the aterm -C is never executed.  Instead I still
> get a default white xconsole.  
> Anyone know why this would be?  (I am using Afterstep 1.6.10-1 and aterm
> 0.3.4)
I don't know how to solve _that_ particular problem...but I do have an
alternative.  Try setting a system wide alias for Startx as follows:

startx='startx > ~/.xerrors 2>&1'

This will pipe the output to a file ~/.xerrors.  Then, in your autoexec
file, load up aterm like such:

Exec  "I"  aterm -T atail --geometry +0+0 -e tail -f ~/.xerrors 

You'll want to change the geometry to whatever you need and add more
options as needed (before the -e).  The only reason I give it a title is
so that I can call up different properties through the database file.  In
my case, I set it so that it will have no decorations at all, it is sticky
and winlist skips it.  


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