Segmentation Fault
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 15:00:18 -0500

>When I try to run the compiled version of Afterstep using RedHat v. 5.2,
>the AfterStep executable reports first the color depth and then an error
>saying, "Segmentation Fault."

>AfterStep seems to compile without complaint.

>I eliminated Xclients, ~/.xinitrc, /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc, e.t.c and all
>other startup scripts. I am starting X "bare-bones" using with the
>"startx" command. I then start a window manager from there. For example,
>running "twm &" from the X window terminal runs fine.

that could be a problem. Try starting it with no & at the end

>Also, I completely removed RedHat's method for starting X Windows. I am
>running the "industry standard" method. Has this happened to anyone else
>or does anyone have an idea what could be happening? Anything that could
>help would be really appreciated.

Have not  seen this behavior in ages


>Cooper Stevenson