Re: Wharfable ISP dialer?

Greg Anderson (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 17:13:52 -0400

Dave LaMothe wrote:
> (rant)
> Sorry for the 'verboseness' of this, but often non-RedHat users (and RedHat
> users alike) overlook the fact that RedHat often differs in how it is set up.
> When I was a total newbie (now I guess I'm kind of a mid-bee), I bought
> _Red_Hat_Linux_Unleashed_ by Kamran Husain and Timothy Parker (Ph.D. no less)
> and after months of frustration, realized that these chumps had never used
> RedHat in their freakin lives. Okay, perhaps it was the publisher (Sams) who
> decided on the big "RedHat" on the cover because they included a RH CD, in
> which case I appologize to the authors and transfer the title of "chumps" to
> the publishers. Hmm... that feels better.  :-)
> (end of rant)

The thing that drives me nuts about RedHat is that they don't document their
scripts.  It reminds me to much of MicroSoft's attitudes. The "we wrote it 
for you, so you should be grateful" one and the "end users are to stupid to 
be given information on how they can configure something."  I doubt very much 
that is the intention of RedHat, but I've been using them since 4.0 and I
keep waiting for them to document their scripts.  I think the 5.2 release 
will be the last one I purchase from RedHat.  

  I'll give Suse a try next time I need to do a major upgrade.  Anyone have 
a Suse rant?  Does Suse work well with AS?  What distribution(s) is(are) well
documented?  What distributions work well with AS?


Greg Anderson