Re: Update All and Update Startment

Greg Anderson (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 21:34:35 -0400

David Mihm wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Greg Anderson wrote:
> ! After I make a change to my feel file that configures
> ! the drop down menu button on my title bar.  What is
> ! the sequence I need to do to process the changes and
> ! to update my ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/non-configurable/
> ! files?
> !
> ! I have been reloading the feel file from the start menu,
> ! but it does not always seem to save my changes after I
> ! quit and restart AfterStep.  If I loose my changes and
> ! reload my feel file from the start menu I get my changes
> ! back.  Should "Update all" save my changes to the
> ! non-configureable directory?  Maybe I've run into some
> ! kind of bug or there is a certain sequence I need to do?
> !
> ! I can't find any documentation on "Update all" or "Update
> ! startmenu"
>         Yep, there was some shuffling around of those various "Updates"
> when I was working on the man pages.  I'll try to clear things up.
> The (start)menu contains various types of entries - Exec entries, which
> are taken from the files under the start tree; and status changing
> entries, such as
> 'ChangeFeel "feel.DEFAULT" /usr/local/share/afterstep/feels/feel.DEFAULT'.
> So the Exec entries are static and the startmenu must be "re-created" by
> issuing 'Update startmenu' for the menu itself to notice any change to to
> the file from which the Exec entry was created.  On the other hand, the
> state change entries, such as the one above, point to the actual file to
> be read be instance.  So this means that I can change to my hearts content
> the /usr/local/share/afterstep/feels/feel.DEFAULT file (not reccomended)
> and the menu will always reflect my most recent saved changes to this
> file.   Same goes for look ad background images.
>         When a look/feel/background entry is selected from the menu, this
> file is then copied to the non-configurable/ directory.  And if for some
> reason some app [like Gnome ;)] changes some aspect of your environment,
> selecting 'Update all' will reread all these files in your
> non-configurable/ directory.
>         I hope this makes sense now, and if you'd like further
> clarification, I'd be happy to make some more sense out of it, or urge
> someone else to put it in different terms.  And as a side note, AfterStep
> no longer updates the menu when you exit it, unless you explicitly define
> that option to configure when you compile it.

Thank you for the reply,

Just so we're on the same page... I've copied everything from 
and do all my configuring in my home directory copy.

I think your saying that choosing "Update all" will reread all the files
in the non-configurable directory.  Ok.  But what forces a write to that

I had a problem where the changes I made to my ~/G/L/A/feels/feels.DEFAULT
file did not seem to be written to my non-configurable directory when I
chose "Update all."  I finally deleted all my ~/non-configurable/*16* 
files, selected the feel.DEFAULT from the menu, selected "Update all" quit 
and restarted AS and finally my changes were saved to the non-configurable.

Also, whenever I chose the "Update all" option, I would lose my look.  It 
would return to the look.DEFAULT instead of the look.SEA I had selected 
before running "Update all."  This was fixed by my reselecting look.SEA 
and the SEA type menus would then return after a restart of AS.  Is this 
normal?  Do I have to reselect my look file every time I run "Update all?"
Do my feel and look files have to have the same .WHATEVER name for 
"Update all" to reload the look file I have choose?

Another question I have is in response to:
> .....So this means that I can change to my hearts content
> the /usr/local/share/afterstep/feels/feel.DEFAULT file (not reccomended)

Why "(not recommended)"?  Do you mean "don't mess with the copy in the 
share directory?" Or, don't mess with any feel.DEFAULT file and make a new 
feel.WHATEVER and change that to your hearts content?

I've made extensive changes in my ~/G/L/A copy of feel.DEFAULT.

Finally, is there anyway to tell which feel file is active?  Is there some
config file in the /G/L/A tree that contains the last state? What feel
file, what look file was last run in AS?  How does AS know which look file
to use if there is no state config file?

Thanks for all your help.

Greg Anderson