Re: Update All and Update Startment

Greg Anderson (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 00:10:14 -0400

David Mihm wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Greg Anderson wrote:
> ! Thank you for the reply,
> !
> ! Just so we're on the same page... I've copied everything from
> ! /usr/local/share/afterstep/
> ! ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep
> ! and do all my configuring in my home directory copy.
> !
> ! I think your saying that choosing "Update all" will reread all the files
> ! in the non-configurable directory.  Ok.  But what forces a write to that
> ! directory.
>         When you select a look, feel, or background image and when you
> select Update startmenu; the appropriate files are copied to your
> non-configurable/ (n-c/) directory.
> ! Also, whenever I chose the "Update all" option, I would lose my look.  It
> ! would return to the look.DEFAULT instead of the look.SEA I had selected
> ! before running "Update all."  This was fixed by my reselecting look.SEA
> ! and the SEA type menus would then return after a restart of AS.  Is this
> ! normal?  Do I have to reselect my look file every time I run "Update all?"
> ! Do my feel and look files have to have the same .WHATEVER name for
> ! "Update all" to reload the look file I have choose?
>         This occurred in old versions when you would be on a desktop
> other than desk 0 (the first one), I thought it was corrected in 1.6.10
> however.  

Yes the bug is still exists.  I am running AfterStep version 1.6.10 and
when I switch to Desk 0 the n0c/ directory gets updated properly.  I added
titles to the feel.DEFAULT and look.Sea files, then selected 
Desktop->Look(or feel)-> look(or feel).name from Desk 0 and low and behold 
the new titled version were copied to the n0c/ directory.  THANK YOU.

I am running Desk 0 thru Desk 12 each with 4 pages.  Perhaps the bug was
only fixed for Desk 0 thru 4 because that is the default pager size when
initially installed. I don't know, since I haven't tested this.  All I know
for sure is Desk 0 works for Updating my AS config changes.

>         Typically, the only time you need to do an Update all, is if you
> want to have afterstep reread the database, base.#bpp files; while it also
> redoes the startmenu, it's quicker to do simply Update startmenu.

So "Update all" reads the database.... Just tried that. Works fine. I thought
I'd have to Quit and Restart AS to get the database values processed.

> ! Finally, is there anyway to tell which feel file is active?  Is there some
> ! config file in the /G/L/A tree that contains the last state? What feel
> ! file, what look file was last run in AS?  How does AS know which look file
> ! to use if there is no state config file?
>         Usually, the feel/look files have a name at the top of them, so go
> to your n0c/ dir and look at the 0_feel/look.#bpp to see which on yr
> using.

Thank you very much. That clears up all of those questions.  Who are you? 
Are you an AS developer or just a long time user?  This question probably 
reveals that I have only been using AS for a month, but I think this window 
manager is great!


Greg Anderson