Re: Wharfable ISP dialer?

Tomas Duewiger (
11 Apr 1999 08:01:51 +0200

Greg Anderson <> writes:

> > >  What distribution(s) is(are) well documented?
> >  Debian I would say, though I don't miss something on RedHat ;)
> What do you mean by "...though I don't miss something on RedHat?"

I can work with RedHat as well as with Suse or Debian or even FreeBSD.
I don't think that one is better it's just a matter of taste.

> > Give Debian a try it's cheap and if you don't like it you supported the
> >free software world with your money even if you don't want to keep it.
> I had a look at the site.  I liked the tone of
> their web page.  The RedHat site seems to be always trying to sell me a
> solution.  

That's what I mean. It's not because you think Debian is technical
advanced, it's just because of your feel ;)


Tomas Duewiger