Re: Wharfable ISP dialer?

Ewan Dunbar (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 09:46:05 -0400 (EDT)

On 10 Apr 1999, Tomas Duewiger wrote:

> Greg Anderson <> writes:
> >   I'll give Suse a try next time I need to do a major upgrade.  Anyone
> > have a Suse rant?
> Suse handles some things quite strange. I used both RedHat and Suse (and
> more ;) ) and on Suse some things are very different. This starts with
> locations of directories (INN for example) and strange scripts and ends
> with Yast the tool that overwrites your changes. Okay, I used Suse 5.1 and 
> you can turn off Yast, so maybe some things changed. It's not a bad
> distribution but IMO it's not better than RedHat. 

Actually, compared to RedHat, every distribution handles things strangely. 

> One IMO quite bad thing is that they mix commercial with free software so
> you can't copy the CDs easily!

Uhh... are you telling me RedHat doesn't do that?

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