Musical Libraries; was Segmentation Fault

D. Cooper Stevenson (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 22:15:21 -0700

What I did'nt tell you is that I attempted to install the latest version of
libXpm without first checking out what I could trample with the existing
Libraries. Over the week or so working with AfterStep, I had forgotten that
I did so. I wrecklessly linked to, removing it's
link to! When AfterStep went out to compile it's libraries,
It found a "" alright. Unfortunately, the new library *seems* to
have caused trouble.

Special thanks to Sasha Vasko and Andrew Sullivan for they're input. Andrew
kind of laid down the law about compiling AfterStep while Sasha's comments
encouraged me to take another crack at it.

The features in AfterStep 1.6.10 are well worth the effort. A Windows
developer told me last night that if I could present a workable Java IDE
that she would take the plunge!

Thanks Again,

D. Cooper Stevenson

D. Cooper Stevenson wrote:

> When I try to run the compiled version of Afterstep using RedHat v. 5.2,
> the AfterStep executable reports first the color depth and then an error
> saying, "Segmentation Fault."
> AfterStep seems to compile without complaint.
> I eliminated Xclients, ~/.xinitrc, /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc, e.t.c and all
> other startup scripts. I am starting X "bare-bones" using with the
> "startx" command. I then start a window manager from there. For example,
> running "twm &" from the X window terminal runs fine.
> Also, I completely removed RedHat's method for starting X Windows. I am
> running the "industry standard" method. Has this happened to anyone else
> or does anyone have an idea what could be happening? Anything that could
> help would be really appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Cooper Stevenson
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