Will James (sonicglide@hotmail.com)
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 09:55:34 PDT

Hey there, new to LINUX here and I love using the Afterstep GUI that
comes with this spiffy OS (Red Hat 5.2). Say, how does one make an
Icon for a executable file. (I.E. tik.tcl (AOL IM), Netscape, and Star

All of those programs I start by either going through the start menu,
or using the xterm and running them from the command line interface.

I guess I am curious to know what is the quickest way to make an Icon
for something that will stay "docked" to the preset Icons that are
already on the desktop, (I.E. those eyes that constanly look at the
mouse , but nothing more)

Thanks All

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