Icons in File Windows

Chris Ross (chris@lochvale.com)
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 22:38:43 +0200

This is a basic question, apologies for that.

On my machine neither xfm or asfiles display icons for the items
in their respective windows properly. For example, in asfile
directory names are shown with the legend [dir_icon] above them.
In xfm, executables are shown with their names and [exe_icon]
above them.

How do I set them them up to show lovely icons for everything.
Like I said, it's a basic question and I'm sure the answer is to
type the right path(s) into the right config files - but which

A a short summary or pointer to a HOWTO would be gratefully

For supplementary question... at the risk of opening a holy war
what File Manager would people here recommend and why? I'm not
especially taken with either of the above. My favourite Filer
would have to be that in Acorn's RISC OS for the for the few who
might have seen it. Is there anything even vaguely close for



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