Re: Help Balloons

Greg Anderson (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 07:44:07 -0400

Greg Anderson wrote:
> Greg Anderson wrote:
> > It is exciting to think about thousands of people creating
> > functional themes who's functionality can easily be expressed
> > to thousands of others.
> >
> > How hard would this be to implement???
> I have created a Balloon Help Kludge using the PopUp menus to
> display context sensitive help for all the TitleBar buttons,
> title bar, window frame and root window.  This was pretty easy
> to setup.  If your interested have a look of a screen shot and
> the example code at:
> Is there anyone interested in adding this balloon help functionality
> to AfterStep?  I mean, coding in real context help, not my PopUP
> version of it.

  I have added a link on the bottom of the HelpBalloonKludge page
to the complete feel.HelpBalloons file so you can try it out.  Place
the feel.HelpBalloons in your ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/feels/
directory, Update your start menu, select the look.Sea look from your
start menu then select the feel.HelpBallons from your start menu.
Once it is loaded, move your cursor over the title bar or buttons and
press Shift-Left Mouse to see the help balloon. The bottom of a window
frame, and the title bar itself also have context help.

You can restore you old look and feel by just reselecting each of them 
from the Start menu.

Greg Anderson