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Coplan (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 23:55:01 -0400 (EDT)

Aterm and xearth question....

I'm useing xearth, and I want to have one of my aterm sessions
(specifially one that logs the console) completely invisible.  Now here's
the thing...

My call command is:
aterm -tr -sh 100 -T roottail --geometry 75x7+0-0 --font 6x13 
-e tail -f ~/.xerrors

(Just a note...I have to do a "-sh 100" because my default is set to I have to change it here). my autoexec file, I execute xearth first...then I execute
aterm afterwards.  Meanwhile, what happens is it shows up with a
transparant image of the background wallpaper _UNTIL_ some things scroll
by, then it will shows the xearth as it should.  The problem is, however,
that some parts that never had any text showing on it still shows as a
black background.  

The Question:
Is there a way that I can get aterm to update automatically
every time the background is changed?  

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