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Ewan Dunbar wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Donald Lee wrote:
> > I don't know if this is proper place to ask this question but I think
> > I may be interested in learning how to program in java.  I have some
> > personal experience using Turbo C 3.0, a little VAX pascal from
> > college and about a year ago I made some silly little programs in
> > Visual Basic 5.  I am hardly an expert but I feel I could make a good
> > programmer if I had some inspiration and guidance.  Right now I'm
> > still not sure what java really is... Is it for downloading applets
> > off the internet only or can you make stand alone apps that just run
> > on the machine?  How can I find out more about java in terms of using
> > it with linux and afterstep?
> There's a pretty good book published by Sams called "Teach Yourself Java
> (version) in 21 days". There are editions of this book for Java 1.02, Java
> 1.1, and Java2. 1.02 is still the safest version as far as applets (small
> programs that run in a web browser) go. 1.1 is fine for applications, and
> possibly applets, if you know the user has a very new browser.
> Unfortunately, most applets are too new for anyone running Netscape
> 3, and Netscape 4.0x, x < 8, only supports Java 1.02. Most people who have
> the JDK have version 1.1.x. Go for the 1.1 version of this book, because
> it alerts you when there's something unavailable in 1.02. I wasn't very
> interested in writing applets anyway, so I sort of skimmed through that
> part.

That is true about the fact that the Java VM that ships with Netscape
and IE version 3.0 is only guaranteed to be version 1.0x, and there are
still people out there that just do not want to upgrade (this is mostly
the case for IE since if you get Win98 you get IE4 by default, and with
Win95 you had IE3).  However, if you want to write applets for Java 2
(ie Java 1.2) you can use Javascript to detect the version of the
browser and load the appropriate applet (of course this means
maintaining multiple versions of the applet for each Java VM that you
come across).  As a side note, there are even a few things that have
been deprecated in Java 1.1 in the latest release of Java 2.  So as a
friend of mine and a Sun Certified instructor (who is Sun Certified to
teach Java) would say "Java is write once TEST EVERYWHERE".

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