Keys and keys ...

Ricardo Bonon (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 09:11:14 -0300

Hello AfterStepers,

I have two questions concerning keys :

1) I am having a curious problem with my keybindings : I binded Alt-F3 to
maximize my windows. It always worked fine with all the versions of AS i have
usaed (including the last devel 1.7.90). Now, suddenly it's not working. All my
other keybindings are ok. I tested them on several applications (xterm, aterm,
netscape, etc ...) and with three versions of AS (1.7.90, 1.7.75, 1.6.10) and
all my keys are ok, except Alt-F3. I didn't make any changes to my feel files
or my key mappings. Any clues? Note : instead of maximizing the window, when I
press Alt-F3 I get a little "maximization", the window get just a bit bigger.

2) How could I bind a key (say ALT-F1) to raise an aterm which is stuck in my
background? I run it with the option -name ASConsole,  and NoHandles, NoTitle,
etc... set in database.


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