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On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Greg Anderson wrote:

> Sasha Vasko wrote:
> > 
> > There are terminfo and xresources  files provided in aterm's
> > distro in doc/etc directory
> > See if you could use those.
> > 
> > Also consult the following page for some help :
> >
> Thank you! what a great resource the ~anne/keyboard pages are.
> It's an information ocean out there not a highway.  I love it
> when gems like this one float in with the tide.
> Does anyone have a regular expression that would identify this:
> [+|-]digit
> Testing for a digit or a leading + or - is easy, but I can't 
> come up with a regular expression that will identify a string
> as a digit that may or may not have a leading plus or minus sign.
> Thanks.



which will match integers of any length with optional leading +|-.

Floating-point numbers are a little harder since, e.g. perl will match
them as an integer with the regexp above.

If you were testing whether a string is _only_ a number (i.e. does not
contain alpha or punct characters other than `.') then you could put a $
at the end of the above regexp. - testing for fp's would be easier then
with something like:


Note: I have tested the above in Perl's regexp engine - other parsers may
be different. YMMV.

If there's a more elegant solution out there please share it with us.


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