Re: X/AS hangs upon suspend/resume on a Linux laptop

Alexy Khrabrov (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 14:42:14 -0400 (EDT)

Aftersteppers --

I solved the problem.  It turns out APM was in
fact not enabled.  This is because RH has Linux
kernel in /boot/vmlinuz-xxx... by default,
contrary to the usual /vmlinuz.  Thus, saying
"make zlilo" when recompiling the kernel enabling
APM is not enough; you have to manually copy it to
/boot and edit /etc/lilo.conf.  I don't know why
RH does that, except their claim /boot can be a
very small partition and thus work even on old
systems.  Uff.

So those hangings were the normal reaction of the
stunned Linux which suddently was cut off the
processor.  The imemdiate cause of the hangups
were two divisions by 0, one caused by xeyes.  It
could be observed on the virtual console.  So, for
fun, I learned that Linux works on the Inspiron
even without APM enabled in the kernel, if you
don't run X.  :-)