Re: X/AS hangs upon suspend/resume on a Linux laptop

Andre Oliveira da Costa (
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 11:28:53 -0300 wrote:
> can you be more specific, please : I compiled my kernel 2.2.1 with apm, then
> copied it to /boot/vmlinux-2.2.1 and edited /etc/lilo.conf to boot with
> vmlinux-2.2.1 (I don't even have an other vmlinux in my /boot/). I still have
> those hangings with AS when suspending. What did I miss ?

I think you're missing one important step here: you have to actually run
lilo after editing its configuration file, so that it updates its
internal tables to reflect the changes you've done. If you don't run
lilo, the changes you've made to /etc/lilo.conf aren't considered at

To run lilo, simply type 'lilo' as root (pay attention to its output to
catch eventual errors).



Andre Oliveira da Costa