Pager and XImageLoader
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 17:02:43 -0500

>The Pager's man page claims that if *PagerDesktopImage is of an
>unsupported type, the Pager will use the external image loader command
>instead. However, it does not. It simply dies, whining that it doesn't
>undertand the image file formats. I've checked the source. But I'm not
>sure I have time to step through the code. From what I gather... I'm still
>not sure why it doesn't work. Maybe when I have some time to kill, I'll
>try and work it out. But since there are people on this list who may
>already know the answer...

What version of Afterstep ????

Damn ! I whish you ppl be more descriptive when reporting a bug and supply
as complete information about environment as possible
VERSION NUMBERS ARE MANDATORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See my previos post on similar subject for ideas

>Ewan Dunbar