PagerXImageLoaderArgs problem
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 16:59:04 -0500

>This option is not working correctly for me.  Here are the problems:

What version of AfterSTep do you use ?

>1)  it DOES NOT disable internal XPM and JPEG
>2)  some options are not processed, perhaps because the args are
     put on the command line AFTER the image file.

As far as I remember I broke this functionality in latest devel version -
background management will be rewritten soon, it will be sugnificantly
improved and will include also functionality that you want from xli.

>What I have tried:
>1) xli works correctly from outside of pager (ie from the command line)
>Can anyone verify that these are indeed bugs.  Also, can any suggest a
>way around them?  I use multiple desks.  I like to have different images
>on each desk and recently I decided that a large centered image would be
>nice.  Can I do that through pager?  Thanks.

not yet, but this feature is planned.

>                        -Michael