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Greg Anderson (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 01:36:09 -0400

James wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, ishamael wrote:
> # Pager handles the main background stuff (which is why everyone runs
> # Pager).
> i don't like pager, it confuses me when the desks suddenly flip (i have
> a virtual X desktop which scrolls, and when i hit the sides it'd flip
> into another desktop. very annoying when trying to hit buttons on my
> wharf (i use a trackball and tend to spin the ball and catch it when it's
> near what i want to point at))

I love the pager.  I have 12 desks with four pages each.  The man page
for AfterStep has your solution: Make the change to EdgeResistance and
EdgeScroll in your active feel file and then reload it from the start
menu.  Here is a bit of the man page...

	  EdgeResistance delay pixels
		    Specifies  how  hard  it  should be to change views
		    within a desktop by moving the mouse over the  edge
		    of  the screen, and how hard it should be to move a
		    window over the edge of a screen.

		    The delay in milliseconds,  defines  how  long  the
		    pointer  must  spend at the screen edge before that
		    view becomes current.  This is useful  in  conjunc-
		    tion  with  EdgeScroll  100 100, so the views don't
		    get switched accidently.

		    The pixels defines how far over the edge  a  window
		    must "appear" to move before it actually moves par-
		    tially off the screen.

		    Note that with EdgeScroll 0 0, it is still possible
		    to  move  or  resize windows across the edge of the
		    current screen. By setting the pixels parameter  of
		    EdgeResistance  to  10000,  this  type of motion is
		    impossible. However, with EdgeResistances less than
		    10000,  but  greater  than  0,  moving  over  pages
		    becomes difficult but not impossible.

Greg Anderson