MyStyles peeves/wishes

Donald A. Peterson (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 10:46:26 -0500 (EST)


I'm a long-time AS user and downloaded the 1.7.90 devel. snapshot last
week and applied the first 6 patches so far. :)  This is either a minor
peeve or misunderstanding on my part, but with the new version putting
attributes of the Pager/WinList/Wharf in MyStyles-type definitions in the files, shouldn't the stock looks that are bundled have those
added?  I have read and re-read the man pages and cannot seem to get any
default settings for things like fonts/colors to work in my
~/G/L/A/{pager,wharf,winlist} files.  

>From the man page for Pager:
       Starting  with version 1.7.60 Pager supports definition of
       most of it's visual parameters in look file  as  MyStyles.
       Styles  can also be defined in pager config file, but main
       contents of the look file will override them. Include them
       in  your pager config to make sure that you get nice look-
       ing Pager even if styles are not  defined  in  look  file.
However, things like *PagerBalloonFore are not recognized in the pager
file.  There seems to be no way to set a default font that is recognized
for any of these.  If there isn't a MyStyle "*PagerWhatever" in the look
file I get HUGE text and ugly colors.

What am I missing?

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