Re: Backgrounds

Greg Anderson (
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 15:05:50 -0400

I got around the pager and Wharf eating up so much desk space by 
setting their styles in the database:

Style   "*Pager"        NoTitle, Sticky, NoHandles
Style   "Wharf"         NoTitle, Sticky, NoHandles

and removing: StaysOnTop and WindowListSkip.

Now I can open a window on top of either of them, and when I want
to have them come to the foreground, middle click somewhere in the
root window and pick them off the winlist menu that pops up.  If
there is no root window visible, I use Alt-WinDoze_L to popup the
winlist.  I set that in my feel file with:

Key Meta_L      A       M       WindowList 2

(Thanks to everyone that helped me figure that out.)

> Mitchell Ullman wrote:
> Sounds and looks like the first "correct" usage of the pager yet!  I
> hadn't even thought about using it that way!  Only reason I don't use it
> too much is it takes up too much room, so to fis that, I wharfed it into
> a folder that i just click on when I want to go somewhere! lol

When you put the pager into a Wharf folder, how many desks does
it have?  Are you limited to one desk?

> > Yes you are, I think.  You can label each desk, you can't label each page.
> > Using multiple desks helps organize your system.  In my labels for each
> > desk I also give the key binding that will take you to that desk.
> >
> > Have a look at it:
> >
> >
> >
> > I've got mine organized as:
> >
> > Network Administration
> > AfterStep Configuration
> > Linux System Administration
> > Work area
> > Help apps, tkman, FAQs, Docs...
> > Search results
> > Web Browsing
> > Web Shopping
> > Mail and IRC
> > Tcl development
> > Games, of course
> > File management
> >

Greg Anderson