Re: Backgrounds

Greg Anderson (
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 23:28:53 -0400

James wrote:
> i know it's all a matter of personal preference and arguments like this are
> as productive as Windows 95, but doesn't it get on your nerves having to
> flip desks all the time? Suppose it's all to do with how you are,....

Flip desks or sort through piles of open app windows, 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of
the other.  I have hot keys bound to the desk pages where I leave full screen
apps running and flip to them as needed.  I tend to pile up app windows on
my working page, but it stills feels more organized to have some of them
separated out onto defined desks and pages.

> I tend to start up another virtual terminal if i want to do something. 
> Graphical stuff (www, LaTeX, some games) i do under X, the rest i do 
> in a terminal.
> At least we have a choice. That's all that matters.

I agree it is all a matter of personal preference. Although I think that a 
lot of people don't take full advantage of the pager.  I am just showing 
some of the possibilities I've found and am looking for feedback on the 
way others do things.  

I don't see this as an argument, more like a discussion.  For me, I like 
my apps close to full screen sized and not piled on top of each other.  
Multiple pages and desk do that well.  While an app like asmail works 
great in Wharf and makes more sense in a sticky Wharf widget then on 
it's own page somewhere, other apps like "top" that show system info 
seem to me to make more sense as a full page display on a desktop.
I'm using "top" as an example because ascpu was brought up earlier in 
this discussion and I pointed out it doesn't really give you much info.
More like a warning light that would have you firing up top to see what
was going wrong.

Greg Anderson