Re: Backgrounds

Gerhard Siegesmund (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 11:10:31 +0200 (CEST)


> Sounds and looks like the first "correct" usage of the pager yet!  I

Well, looks pretty interesting. :-) Nevertheless I like the one desk/more
pages more. 2x3 pages is enough for most things...

> hadn't even thought about using it that way!  Only reason I don't use it
> too much is it takes up too much room, so to fis that, I wharfed it into
> a folder that i just click on when I want to go somewhere! lol

I don't know if much people though of this solution to get some room on
the desktop. I am using a screen resolution of 1024x1000 using virtual
screen. Real resolution is 1024x768. So I have some place at the bottom of
the screen to put things like xosview or wharf or the pager. Maximize is
changed so maximizing a window brings it to just 1024x768. Perfect. If I
wan't to start a programm or take a look at the system performance I just
have to go down with the mouse and scroll the window. It's really perfect.

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