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Andrew Sullivan (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 18:09:27 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all,

I've sent a slightly updated FAQ to the AS FTP site.  This does not really
address most of the many contributions or requests I've had over the last
several months.  It _does_ offer pointers to some of the newer resources
on the web, and notes some of the most obvious developments.

I should point out that I have no intention to include much information
about development versions in the FAQ.  The information in respect of that
changes so frequentley that I couldn't keep up with it even if I so
intended.  As the FAQ says, if you want to use a development version, you
do so at your own risk.  In such a case, read the lists.

I feel very badly that I've been remiss in keeping the FAQ up-to-date.  I
had several people contact me after my last plea for a new volunteer, all
of whom asked for a tutorial on how to use SGML.  I'm sorry, but since I
have no docs, I can't offer them.  I can't recommend using SGMLtools v.
2.x, as those who are offering it seem to have a perverse belief in not
providing documentation for it, except at the source level.  My feeling is
that just about anything would be better.  I stuck with sgml-tools v.1.x
for this one.  The example document is enough to figure things out under

If you _do_ want to take over, please let me know.  I'll continue with my
efforts as long as no-one comes forth (i.e. no-one without reservations).
I'm continuing with my "gentle introduction" efforts, but that's hardly
beyond the notes level.

Thanks to all who support and develop AS.


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