OFFTOPIC post [Was: Man Pages [was Re: Previous message...]]
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 17:30:40 -0500

>    A version of the development man pages are also kept on the web
>site, however those, might be lagging a few patches behind.  I'll update
>them as soon as I get a chance, unless of course I get a set of 1.7.97
>crossreferenced man pages in the mail from someone. ;)
I know, I know - it's long overdue from me :)

>...And now back to your regularly scheduled mass of OFFTOPIC posts...
I know It's probably out of topic on this Mailing List, but :
 - When I'll be able to get freshly brewed beer from wao ???
 - Where can I find this prog everybody keeps talking about ???
 - Why my screen gets dark if I press this little red button ???