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New World Society (granados@online.com.mx)
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 16:23:49 -0500

Hi *

I'm using aterm and it looks great whith the transparent background, but
then i've read about the Style and set this line in file 'database':

Style   "Terminal"      NoTitle, NoHandles

Then this line at the 'wharf' file:

*Wharf LinuxBox linux-penguin.xpm Exec "-" aterm -fn 10x20 -name
Terminal +sb -tr &

And in fact it appears transparent without Title nor Handles, at the
begining it looks great, but when i start using it, each letter has a
gray background so it lost all its greatness.

Before the 'Style' change it doesn't happen.

Is this normal???

Or what can i do to correct the situations???

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