Re: another graphic library?

Ewan Dunbar (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:30:41 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Alexy Khrabrov wrote:
> Speaking of graphic libraries, I tried to install
> quake2 rpm from, but rpm
> complained that a library was missing on my RH5.2,
> saying
> is needed by quake2-3.20-glibc-6
> Did anybody hear of that library and where to get
> it?

Check to make sure you don't have it first. If you do, just do --nodeps.
If you don't, well, I think it's just for GL stuff, which you don't
necessarily need. If you've got OpenGL support, get it from somewhere.
Possibly Dunno. In any case, just do --nodeps and then
do a -ql to see what it installed. There should be a non-GL binary in
there, too.

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