Re: ATerm

Coplan (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 01:27:44 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, James wrote:

> how do i make an Aterm's text really big (as big as a tty's). I don't like
> having to squint at the screen... i've looked in the manpage and there's
> a -fn switch, but no explanation of the types of font or what they're
> called...
-fn will work...use fonts from xfontselect (maybe it's called xfontsel).
Great program.  If you have it and you havn't changed the default
afterstep menus, you can find it under Start|Accessories|System.  That'll
help you figure out the formatting that should look something like this:

-*-*-utopia-r-*-*-24-*-*-*... (how many stars and dashes is it anyhow?)

   I like to not bother with the whole command line stuff and slip it all
into my ~/.Xdefaults  (aterm*font:  -*-*-and-so-on-and-so-on-)


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