Gotta be a basic mistake...

Ron McConn (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 10:16:40 -0700

...on my part anyway.

Hi all,

	I have a simple problem.  First off I've got RH 5.2 with AS 1.5 installed.
 I can't get AS 1.6.10 (or 1.7.75 for that matter) to be operational.  I
get the packages to install but no change.  I tried to change the path in
xinitrc file but I still got AS 1.5.  So I uninstalled AS 1.5 and then
could only run FVWM2.  I've looked through the FAQ and the man pages but
I'm stumped (plus a third party book).  This has got to be an easy one that
I'm just not seeing.  I also tried changing the path in the sysinit.rc file
but that didn't help either.  Am I changing the path in the right place
(probably not)?  Or is there something else I'm not doing properly?

Thanks in advance,

Ron M.

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