Aaron Armstrong (aaron@cybersight.com)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 18:12:17 -0700

I have what I hope is not too strange of a question about pager
functionality.  Is there a way to have the pager wrap?  What I mean is that
I use a 6x1 pager - so when I get to the end(far right) of the row can I
then do a control-right arrow and have it wrap to the beginning(far left)
desktop.  The reason for my question is that I have been using a freeware
app on windoze which does this and have found it rather useful.  Also where
should I look to find out about alt-tab behavior under Afterstep.  It seems
to do one thing one time and another next time and I would like to know
where to go to customize it or adjust it.



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