Left Clicks and wharf pager

Dwight Schauer (dschauer@vcsd.com)
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 09:15:03 -0500


I am running AfterStep version 1.6.10 on 3 different machines,
2 that have PS/2 mice and one with a serial mouse.
All three machines are running XFree86 Mach64 servers on K6 and
PII. (RedHat Linux 5.2, 2.2.x kernels)

The one with a serial mouse has no problems that I've noticed.
The ones with PS/2 mice start messing after a while, but only
when I click on the Pager. What happens is when I left click
on a pager quadrant, I get the start menu instead instead of
going to that desktop. At the start of an afterstep session
the pager works correctly, but after about 5 to 10 minutes
into session it stars messing up.

When the pager starts messing up, The mouse still works correctly
in other apps and the root window.

On the two PS/2 mouse machines, I've resorted to put the window
menu on button 1, with a Ctrl modifier, and the root menu on
button 3, with no qualifier.


I changed this:

Mouse 1         R       A       PopUp "Start"
Mouse 2         R       A       WindowList 2
Mouse 3         R       A       PopUp "Windows"

to this:

Mouse 1         R       C       PopUp "Windows"
Mouse 2         R       A       WindowList 2
Mouse 3         R       A       PopUp "Start"

That for the most part has fixed the problem, but now when it starts
messing up, I have to press Ctrl-Left-Click in the pager window to get
it to work. The "Windows" menu never pops up in the pager window.

By "Left Click" in this email, I mean "left single-click", not
"left double-click"

This may be a X-server issue. On the two PS/2 mouse machines I had to
disable GPM, because the X-server would crash when switching back to
X from the console as soon as the mouse was moved.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Dwight Schauer

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