RedHat WindowManager selection [ was: Gotta be a basic mistake...]
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 15:04:14 -0500

>...on my part anyway.
>Hi all,

>    I have a simple problem.  First off I've got RH 5.2 with AS 1.5 installed.
> I can't get AS 1.6.10 (or 1.7.75 for that matter) to be operational.  I
>get the packages to install but no change.  I tried to change the path in
>xinitrc file but I still got AS 1.5.  So I uninstalled AS 1.5 and then
>could only run FVWM2.  I've looked through the FAQ and the man pages but
>I'm stumped (plus a third party book).  This has got to be an easy one that

That is the standard problem for all RedHat users. Two things needs to be done :

1. Read
2. Edit script that comes whith RedHat, for chossing Window Manager.
it should be located in /usr/X11R6. As far as I remember it was called wmconfig,
or wmselect
or some other name with wm at the beginning.

Thanks to RedHat for making life so easy and pleasant.

>Thanks in advance,
no problem

>Ron M.