Pager starting with color...
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 08:21:03 -0500

What version of AfterStep ?  *grin*
What do you use to set background ? Pager ? asetroot ? esetroot ?

>Okay, Minor problems with the pager...
>   In my looks file I have the background of the pager to be set as
>transparent.  When I initially load the look, it works fine.  When I
>restart afterstep (with X still running) it again works fine.  HOWEVER,
>whenever I leave X all-together, and then run startx from the prompt, by
>the time that Pager comes up, it will have a grey background (which I only
>assume is a default).  BUT, when I restart Afterstep, or reload the pager,
>it moves back to the transparent state.  I have tried changing some of the
>settings in my pager file, I have tried chaning settings in my look file.
>Based on one strange theory, I have even tried adding a 'Wait "I" Pager'
>to my autoexec file.

>   Is there something that I am overlooking?  Is there anything else that
>I can try?  It really isn't that big a deal, but it would be nice for the

>Coplan                                  /