Re: 1) Identifying AS version? & 2) Gnome and AS?

Jeroen Asselman (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 18:27:39 +0000

Ron McConn wrote:

> Hi all,
>         I have two questions.
>         First, what is an easy way to tell which version of AS that I am running?
> I think I'm running 1.7.90 but I'm not absolutely sure.  I need this
> version to run Gnome.

afterstep --version

>         Secondly, is there a trick to running Gnome and AS?  I have done as the
> install instructions say by putting the exec call into my Xsession file
> (also been put in xinitrc and Xclients) but it doesn't start.  I think I
> need to put the path for Gnome in my path call but I'm not sure where it
> installed.  So the real question is what's the path and where does it go?

Well, the way I do is it the following,
I have putted
in my .xinitrc

Than I ran startx and ran the gnome-control panel and choose window manager.
Than I added afterstep
Than I saved it (by pressing ok) and than exited X. Next thing I editted
~/.gnome/wm-properties/AfterStep.desktop (could also be afterstep.desktop, depending
on which name you choose). And I changed Terminal=false into Terminal=true (can
anyone tell me why this is necessary).
Than I saved the stuff and started X again. Again opened the control-panel, choose
window manager, choose afterstep and pressed ok. Than I followed the instructions
and it worked.
I also added in my database file the following line
"afterstep" NoIcon, StartIconic, SkipWinlist

And it all worked perfectly. A terminal comes up when starting afterstep and goes
away (well it minimizes and get's noicon) and I have all the features of Gnome and
AfterStep... (the best of 2 worlds.?? Except that I don't have that much memory free

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