Re: 1) Identifying AS version? & 2) Gnome and AS?

cajun (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:00:50 -0700

I'm not trying to start a flame war here, I would like however to
present another view.

When I have a question, the first thing I do is man whatever.  The
second thing is search  If I still don't have a clue,
I try to post to a listserver or newsgroup and seek help.

GENERALLY SPEAKING - I personally find most of the man pages very
confusing and don't give information in the manner that is needed for
some of us newbies.  Yes, I still consider myself a newbie and I've been
using RH for about 2 years now.

FWIW - When I do a 'man afterstep' I see a man page for AS ver 1.4. 
When I do a 'afterstep --version' I get version 1.6.10.  So in this
case, MY manpage is not up-to-date with the release of AS that I'm
using.  No, I have not a clue why not, I just found this out prior to
generating this email.  Do I know how to update the manpage?  No, but
I'll bet I'll be able to find out with just a bit of work.

David, please understand that all of us don't fool with AS everyday as I
assume you do being the webmaster and I assume you're on the development
team as well.

I personally find it not very helpful when someone says "do a man
whatever".  Perhaps the poster did that and didn't understand what he
was reading or needed more information.  MAYBE, he doesn't know what a
manpage is nor how to get to it. Perhaps that was the case with the
original poster here.  I don't know, nor do I suspect anyone but the
original poster does.  On the other hand, he could just be lazy and not
wanted to do any research to learn how to do things for himself.

I understand some of the veteran users frustration when someone comes
along and ask some question that they could have done five minutes worth
of research and learned for themselves.  Not answering them, or giving a
'short answer' will NOT solve the problem.  If you've seen the problem
and answered the question several times then 1) it is in your sent mail
folder, take a minute to forward it to the person; 2) if the question
comes up that often, then perhaps the docs need revising.

I've always thought the purpose of listservers such as this one was for
users of a similar product or thing to share ideas, ask questions, get
general help, post problems and / or ideas for enhancements. If that's
not the purpose of this listserver, please let me know immediately. 

Again, not trying to start a war, just presenting another view.

Flame if you like, I can deal with it.


David Mihm wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Ron McConn wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >       I have two questions.
> >
> >       First, what is an easy way to tell which version of AS that I am running?
> >I think I'm running 1.7.90 but I'm not absolutely sure.  I need this
> >version to run Gnome.
> >
> >       Secondly, is there a trick to running Gnome and AS?  I have done as the
> >install instructions say by putting the exec call into my Xsession file
> >(also been put in xinitrc and Xclients) but it doesn't start.  I think I
> >need to put the path for Gnome in my path call but I'm not sure where it
> >installed.  So the real question is what's the path and where does it go?
>         This is a big slap in the face to the people that spend time
> writing documentaion.  I debated responding to this mail, but I proke
> down.  The afterstep man page is on your machine, and on the web site.
> The 9th line from the top of the afterstep man page is:
>         [-v | --version] [-c | --config]
> although it might take some type of reading level acheived as well as an
> small understanding of the English language; it is rather clear.
>         Information for getting Gnome working with AfterStep is also
> available on the web site, and has been updated 3 times since the move to
> 100% Gnome compliance.  It is now rather straight forward in prescribing
> the requirements and describing the steps to acheive a Gnome environment
> in AfterStep.
>         If for some reason this information that is provided is lacking in
> some way, only by contacting the author of said information and reporting
> such, will the information become clearer.
>         Thanks for YOUR time.
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